Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Love Buffet

Love Buffet [DramaWiki]
Episodes: Total 13, 1 Completed

Episode 1:
Torrent // Veoh

Project Leaders: jessyj & elysse [Serenityfs]
Coordinators: stargazer & jessyj [BillaSub]
Raw Provider: silverstar [Serenityfs]
Translator: silverstar [Serenityfs]
Spot Translator: gelangielol [BillaSub]
Editor: phio_chan [BillaSub]
QCer: elysse [Serenityfs]
Typesetter: forestmaiden71 [Serenityfs]
Encoder: jessyj [Serenityfs]
Karaoke Translator: silverstar [Serenityfs]
Karaoke Timer: hitomi83 [BillaSub]
Karaoke FX: hitomi83 [BillaSub]


toya04 said...

Thank you so much !
You are awesome !! <3

jess317 said...

No offence, but I would actually prefer it if you didn't bother subbing this at all. It is understood that you are real people with lives, but so are other subbers and they manage to deliver. I believe that if you volunteer to sub a drama, you either do it right by not keeping fans waiting for wayyy too long in disapointment or by not doing it at all. Why upset fans like that?
You've only ever subbed one drama completely, and even dropped a project altogether. So I think it's best that you just keep this drama open for other subbers, who I'm sure would be more than happy to do so, and more dedicated especially since this is currently a huge drama in Taiwan starring members of Fahrenheit.

P.S. Don't even think about starting to "sub" Sunshine Angel, PLEASE.

... So other people can decide to have the option sub it, obviously.

Serenity Fansubs said...

well its a collaboration and usually groups wouldnt want to hold the other group up
and since its a collab it means that there are more people working on it so hopefully love buffet will be quicker

do you really not remember that their staff forum crashed and they lost all the files and had to start again
they wouldve probably finished EFHL & Momo love if that didnt happen and if their admin didnt go MIA
at least they are still working! There are many groups who have just stopped working all together because their admins have been too busy

And the reason they dropped a project is because another fansub group wanted to sub it

I am telling you now, you WANT BillaSub to sub this because if they dont then guess who will sub it, Rainbow Fansubs will do the whole thing themselves and let me tell you this now. They are slower than BillaSub

You say "so other people can decide to have the option sub it" [not sure if that even makes sense but w/e]
i ask . . . What other groups are there?
Serendipity Fansubs
Intangible Fansubs
Eternal Fansubs
I am pretty sure they all wont sub it . . . theyre either MIA or have a list of upcoming/current projects

the only other fansub group i can think of is
SUBlimes . . . they are really quick but so you really think they are going to sub it?
personally, i dont think they will

Please keep in mind fansubbing groups sub what interest their staff and not everyones interest are the same so you cant just say to BillaSub dont sub [insert drama name] because there might not be a group who will pick it up and lets see . . . who will suffer then? the fans? or the subbers? i think the fans more

jana said...


Seriously? Can you hear yourself? You're getting subs of a drama for free, and you're complaining because it's taking too long? Why don't you just be patient like everyone else, because I don't see you getting off your butt and doing something about it.

As for Billasub,
Dudes just do your own thing. I as a fan who is getting FREE stuff without doing anything, we'll be more than happy to wait for you to finish it. No matter how long :)


jess317 said...

You know what, I didn't know that there were crashes before or whatever (although there
have been people who said that's not an excuse anymore cos it happened a while ago). I
realised my comment was harsh which is why I had left it at that. Plus, I know it's free
and I admit that I got impatient. You're obviously a patient person pero bakit ka ng
pakialam? Sino ka? Darling, I am fully aware that I am not doing anything; I don't know
Mandarin very well, but I do know how to sub. So do you know why I'm not doing anything?
Because I know that I won't be dedicated and delivering at reasonable times. That is why I
haven't volunteered to have that responsibility, I had that choice. I've just realised that episode 1 was released nearly a month ago now, and I know of people who can sub a whole episode of different shows, even in a day. Oh, also for free. The successful subbers are the ones who deliver consistently (weekly, for example), and give a heads-up for any delays when they have more important things to do like exams. In this case we'd even give our full support. I just thought I'd express that seeing as you've now given me a chance with your butting in.

P.S. Also, 'w/e' if you didn't get me. Not my problem. I dunno about everybody else, but the only time I'd suffer as a fan is during excessive waits, especially in between episodes. Like I said, personally I'd rather not watch a drama at all than be in some sort of long suspense. So, this is the last you'll hear from me, even if you waste your time trying to reply. I won't even read it :) Ciaooo.

p3rk3le said...

thank you for working on this ^^

sailorveki said...

Thank you for doing this drama, BillaSub & Serenity Fansub. <3 I love the manga, so I can't wait to see the drama. Take your time guys and ignore the complainers and haters. :3

jana said...

I'm sorry, but you really didn't have to speak in tagalog for my benefit. This is a public place, it's kind of disrespectful to the other readers when you do such a thing.

Also, it's not as if ANYONE else is going to do Love Buffet. I really can't understand why you have to complain about not getting free stuff fast? It's free, when it comes, be thankful that it comes.

Just because you can't deliver, and doesn't mean everyone else has to deliver to you. If you're so impatient, watch it at viki. Maybe then you'd get what you want. It's good quality videos, and people work their butt off of it.

The least you can do is to be respectful.

Kaw naman ung may problema, ang yabang mo pa magsalita.

(You're the one with the problem, and yet you're arrogant with your words)

Hye Ri said...

Thank you for this drama. The first episode is cute. Aww, Aaron. <3 Calvin looks exactly like a character from a manga ;3

Mar Gotarda said...

so cute the first episode, thanks a lot for doing it!

clarisetan said...

thank you for subbing Love Buffet =) I will continue to wait patiently for the next episodes =) Keep up the good work!

mizuki-chan said...

Hi the team ! Thank you for this new project, I definitely support you, jia you !! =D

Pitra Kinasih said...

thanks for the hardwork, i really appreciate it ^^ keep subbing it :)

Pitra Kinasih said...
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~Tritia said...

I just saw the first episode you did of this. Great job can't wait to see the rest. Thanks for what you're doing! :)

momolove said...

Thank you!!! i love your subbing! even though it takes a little while, i'm very willing to wait for quality subs!!! keep up the good work! ^^